Diagnosis is important before dating

If you are a positive herpes singles and you need a loyal partner to live your life, then you can date a person with positive herpes or other people also. But there are some people also that don’t know about their disease and if you have confusion, then you may get it diagnosed first. If the results are that you are positive then you will have to tell your partner. People generally think that their partner might leave them by knowing about their partner and this happened many times. But there is no need to worry as they can find a like partner for them.

Some tips to date with herpes

  • Decide with whom you want to date – if you have just identified your problem then you have many options. You can continue the dating in the same way as before, but you need to tell your partner about your disease before making any sexual relationship with them. And if you are not ready to talk about this, then you can join a herpes dating site that is specially made for the people with herpes.
  • Be calm and find right time – as it is sure and very hard to have this conversation with your partner, so it is important that you need to be calm and don’t feel shamefulness and nervousness. If you are starting your talk with ‘umm and ahh’ then your partner must think that you are going to reveal something very dangerous. Consider to have this talk in a place where he/she feels comfortable and you both have got privacy with no disturbances.
  • Prepare for their response – you think that it must be a rejection but it does not actually happen always, they are just in confusion. Your partner has many questions in their mind about herpes and let them ask and know about the virus. You can also discuss about it with a doctor and get to know how you can lead a normal sex life with your partner.