Finer Values for the Perfect Sexual Desires

In sex, hurry is a bad counselor. Physical skills aside, it is only right to spend some time on foreplay, such as cuddles, sweet words and kisses. It is an easy way to prolong that moment of pleasure, making it more intense and even unforgettable. Desire and circumstances can make everything impelling and hasty, but if you have a lot of time available, it is good to spend every second worthily.

Explore his body

Breast is a powerful source of attraction and excitement for men, but there are many other parts of the body of one’s partner to explore. In addition to not getting lost in the hills, we must also remember that it is not about rubbery anti-stress toys, to be tightened and manipulated at will from the first to the last minute. They deserve some attention, but neither exclusive nor excessive. For the furry sex games there are smart options.

Ask permission to take her back

Doing it from behind is extremely pleasant from many points of view. It is appreciable, but we must not get fossilized on that position: variation is important and the possibilities are many. Also, it is a good idea to knock politely and make sure you are allowed to use the back door before settling down.

Leave the oral initiative

Oral sex is an exciting alternative to the traditional one, but it must be spontaneous and natural. Pushing it down is not a way to invite it inwardly to practice it. The accompaniment of his movements, which falls into the category of clich├ęs for adult films, must also be avoided.

Always keep self-control

Sometimes, it’s nice to get caught up in excitement and let go of their erotic fantasies. As with everything, however, there are limits to be met. To be beautiful and satisfying, the so-called wild sex must be accompanied with adequate self-control: you cannot take, push and pull as if it were a wrestling match or a rodeo performance.

From the targeted and measured bites

The bites can represent a weapon of seduction, but because they are seductive you have to bite certain areas of the body and, above all, dosing the intensity adequately. If you have the delicacy of an angry rottweiler, it is better to limit yourself to caresses.

Accompany the sighs and moans with sweet whispers

During sex, silence makes everything strange and even disturbing. There is no need to elaborate a scientific discourse on global warming or scream like the martial arts warriors of the 1990s. Sighs and moans are enough, perhaps enriched with some sensual word whispered in the ear of his partner. The important thing is to remind you to be mentally present, from time to time.

Do not say trivial or exaggerated vulgarity

Strong words and vulgarity can add a delicious pinch of pepper to the sexual act. Even in this case, however, we must not exaggerate. It takes very little to turn them into garrets or even unpleasant insults. It is good to avoid even the jokes already heard and resent, such as “I’ll take you and I’ll mount like a bedside table”: any reference to Ikea is obvious and trivial.